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What is it like to work with us?

We love getting results.  We won’t tie you up in expensive naval-gazing exercises when we could be raising your profile with your target markets, launching new services and generating new client enquiries.

We are organised and efficient control freaks.  We understand that you are busy with client work and your time needs to be leveraged to maximum effect, while ensuring that you never miss a deadline.

We’ll keep you on track.  We will ensure that you never miss a marketing deadline, and prefer to complete a few projects to the highest standard rather than having lots of ideas which never come to fruition.

Quality control is at the heart of everything we do.  We appreciate that the meaning of a contract can turn on a comma, and so we pay the utmost attention to detail in checking and proofing all the content which we produce to ensure that it is error free.

Achieving the highest standards.  All content – whether for a website, newsletter or social media – is written to a common style, and edited to plain English, in line with our bespoke style guide developed specifically for the legal profession.

We’ll keep you in budget.  We know that marketing expenditure is discretionary, and you will be looking for an attractive return on investment. We’ll also keep you safe from the snake-oil sellers!

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Background to Berners Marketing

Berners Marketing was set up in 2004 by Sue Bramall, who was formerly Head of Business Development at Pinsents Solicitors and had previously spent a number of years in senior marketing positions with chartered accountants and management consultants.

Having identified a need for marketing and business development support specifically for the legal profession in a business which is built on expert knowledge, Sue set out to bridge the gap between accurate (but boring) technical content and user-friendly attractive (but sometimes flimsy) marketing materials.

An expert team

Berners Marketing is unique in employing qualified and experienced solicitors to work alongside marketing and design professionals.  We have an exceptional panel of specialist legal authors comprising lawyers and barristers who provide the content for our articles, legal editors, proofreaders and marketing professionals who ensure that it is communicated in the most effective way to build your brand.

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What our clients say

"This is excellent work and exactly how I envisaged these webpages."

Tim Wixted, Director, Wixted & Co

"The articles from Berners are useful as, even though we self-generate a lot of content, we have teams that sometimes struggle for time, so it keeps them current."

Gina Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, BP Collins

"The quality of the content we receive from Berners is excellent. It was the right decision choosing to outsource this service."


"Berners Marketing offer an excellent marketing communications solution for the legal market and I would highly recommend using them."

Stephanie Freeman, Marketing Consultant

"We are delighted with the quality and content that we receive from Berners Marketing."

Angela Wise, Partner, Quality Solicitors Parkinson Wright

"Using content from the Berners Marketing Content Library for our private client e-newsletter has been a great success."

Michel Carroll, Marketing Manager, Furley Page

"Bang up to date, really well written articles that truly engage both existing and prospect clients and, when using them on right platforms, really do bring a good return on the small investment you pay for each one."

Amber Holt, law firm business development manager

"Articles are well-researched and written and the team are always on hand with advice on tactics and strategies for extracting greater value from the content they provide."

Muhammed Shaikh, Marketing Manager, IMD Solicitors

"Working with Berners takes the pressure off the fee earners and allows them to focus on their clients."

Emma Baker, Marketing Manager, WBW Solicitors

"Talking about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse - I would instruct me!"


"The team at Berners Marketing are a pleasure to work with. The content is always provided on time and in a format that enables me to upload to my website with minimal fuss."

Peggy Barnard, Barnard & Co Employment Law Solutions

"The team has been great and easy to work with the whole way through. They even offered advice to improve certain things, going above and beyond what was asked to do. The work that has been carried out is high quality and we would not hesitate to use Berners Marketing again."

Carla Hirst, Marketing Manager, Hatten Wyatt

"The employment cards have been a hit with our clients as an aide memoir. I would certainly recommend them for your marketing needs."

Suzanne Wright, Marketing Manager, Pearson Legal Solicitors and Financial Advisors

"Working with the team at Berners was extremely straight forward. They helped us to implement an efficient system for writing, approving and finalising a large number of profiles accurately in a very short time frame."

Yvonne Sidwell, Marketing Director, Knights plc

"Sue and Anjali are an incredible support and source of knowledge, ideas and inspiration. The content articles are excellent and have really changed our outlook on search engine optimisation. We as a firm have grown in confidence as we celebrate our successes - they understand our work pressures which is key to our excellent relationship. "

Michelle Uppal, Marketing Partner, Miles & Partners

"Ware and Kay Solicitors has always received an excellent service from Berners Marketing. Timing and quality have always exceeded our expectations."

Rosie Guenzel, Marketing Manager, Ware & Kay Solicitors

"It takes a lot of pressure off fee earners. Our website is always up to date with the latest developments in the law and has a real impact when it comes to SEO performance of our site too. The content is always well written and of great quality. "

James Bradshaw, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Thackray Williams

"I knew of Berners good reputation from their work with other law firms and I wasn't disappointed. I've never before had so much original content that required so few amends. I'd highly recommend them as a provider of legal content."

Debbie Connolly, Marketing Manager, Bradbury Roberts & Raby

"Sue Bramall is not only an expert at what she does but is also an absolute delight to work with."

Rosalyn Breedy, Managing Partner, Breedy Henderson

"Employment cards have been very popular with clients and business contacts. "

Will De Fazio-Saunders, Solicitor, rhw Solicitors LLP

"Berners Marketing helped us prepare our first newsletter with minimal disruption for the solicitors, while Sue and her team drove the project forward to meet the production schedule, keeping us on track."

Andy Roberts, Head of Personal Injury, Poole Alcock

"It is great to be able to work with Berners and use their time for marketing, rather than mine or other fee-earners. They are very quick to react to things and have always ensured that any projects they have been given are delivered."

Stephen Myers, Managing Partner, Myers & Co

"We went from having no focused, organised international, multi-language marketing plan to having one top-notch, successful programme in only six months."

Tim Smith, Managing Partner, CBMI

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