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Do you ever wonder what has happened to a draft article?  Who was the last person to be working on it? Does it still need approval? Do you ever forget to share that article on social media when it is published some weeks after you finished writing it? Do you find it hard to remember which social media channels and media outlets are relevant for each lawyer or practice group?

As you can imagine, working with dozens of law firms and numerous lawyers, a huge flow of legal content passes across our desks and back and forth between solicitors, barristers, editors, marketing teams, design or web agencies, external publishers and online channels.

Ensuring that deadlines are met, and appropriate approvals are obtained at every stage for large projects, required an efficient system for management and quality control. We also needed a system to manage very personal communication channels created via social media and which differ for each and every lawyer that we work with.

We tried various collaboration tools, but as unabashed control freaks they didn’t provide us with the systematic workflow control that we were looking for.  So we set about working with Bellaport Software to specify and build our own solution for managing expert knowledge and marketing content.

IDAHO® is our workflow software, designed to our specification to enable the tracking of commissioning, drafting, editing, proofing, approvals, sign-off and distribution of legal content for knowledge management and marketing.


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