Law Consultancy Network

Sue Bramall is a member of the international Law Consultancy Network, alongside fellow specialist consultants who work with lawyers, law firms and legal service providers and regulators.


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The LCN client service promise

Members of the network make this service pledge to our clients:

  • We act independently and without bias
  • We will be honest about whether we can truly add value to your business
  • We are flexible and will adapt to your needs and preferences
  • We’ll communicate with you clearly, avoiding jargon, and will keep you fully informed
  • We’ll set a realistic timetable and provide a clear quotation
  • We’ll work hard with a practical approach to make a real difference to your business
  • We’ll treat your data and information with absolute confidentiality
  • We’ll treat your people with the utmost respect
  • We’ll deliver on-time and on-budget

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We are always happy to have an informal chat. As a member of the Law Consultancy Network, if we cannot help you we may be able to introduce you to a specialist who can.

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