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With a rapidly aging population, there are lots of opportunities for private client lawyers to grow their practice – but there is also a lot of competition, so you need to stay one step ahead.

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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the wills and probate topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Making a will or giving a gift on your deathbed

  • practical considerations for deathbed wills and gifts;
  • ensuring you have testamentary capacity;
  • precautions against undue influence; and
  • the importance of making a will sooner rather than later.

Common probate mistakes and how to avoid them

  • risks of administering an estate yourself to save money;
  • types of common mistakes executors often make;
  • the legal implications of a breach of duty; and
  • benefits of instructing a solicitor to handle the administration of the estate.

It’s complicated - lifetime planning and marital status

  • the implications of your marital status on lifetime planning;
  • Later life, financial management and mental capacity;

  • Impact on next of kin and health decisions;

  • Dealing with assets outside the estate.

It's complicated - changes to marital status and making a will

  • understanding your legal rights as a couple;
  • rights of your spouse or partner under intestacy rules; 
  • the implications of a change in marital status; 
  • how a solicitor can help write a will to reflect your circumstances.

Dealing with estate debts when acting as an executor

  • considerations for the impact of debts on beneficiaries;

  • dealing with debts for a solvent estate; 

  • the process for paying debts for an insolvent estate; and 

  • concerns about any suspicious debts and making a claim.

Deputyship – when a power of attorney is no longer an option

  • when you can apply to become a deputy;

  • key steps in applying to the Court of Protection;

  • advantages and disadvantages of being a deputy; and

  • benefits of using a solicitor throughout the application process.

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