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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the wills and probate topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Probate – lost or unexpected beneficiaries?

  • a representative's legal duties and responsibilities;
  • protecting yourself against lost beneficiaries;
  • protecting yourself against unexpected beneficiaries; and
  • benefits of instructing a solicitor to handle the administration of the estate.

When to consider appointing a professional attorney

  • reasons why people choose to appoint a professional;
  • the two types of lasting power of attorney;
  • potential consequences of not making an LPA; and
  • the key benefits of appointing a solicitor to act as your attorney.

Ensuring your home passes according to your wishes

  • why it is important to clearly state your wishes in your will;
  • property ownership and options for gifting your property; 
  • payment of outstanding mortgages and taxes; 
  • considerations when leaving your property to charity.

Witnessing of wills and LPA services go digital

  • video-witnessed wills legalised during coronavirus pandemic
  • implications for wills witnessed by video in previous months; 
  • online service for lasting powers of attorney; and 
  • why instruct a solicitor to help put your affairs in order.

Why use a legal expert for your estate administration

  • why the move to online services is fuelling DIY estate administration;
  • dealing with financial and legal procedures;
  • key reasons to instruct a solicitor handle the practical aspects; and
  • downsides of attempting to administer an estate yourself.

Worried about a vulnerable person during the Covid-19 lockdown?

  • most common forms of elder abuse in the UK;
  • red flags to look out for when you suspect abuse;
  • advice on how to tackle serious concerns; and
  • taking legal steps to protect a vulnerable person.

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