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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the civil disputes topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Damage caused by building works next door – your rights

  • ways your property can be damaged;

  • what is a Party Wall Notice?

  • a look at Roadrunner Properties Limited v John Dean; and

  • your rights and your neighbours liability.

Resolving a dispute about a trust fund

  • what is a trust fund?
  • what sort of disputes can arise over trust funds?
  • options for resolving a dispute, such as mediation; and
  • engaging a solicitor for advice on negotiations.

Increasing rent and tenancy disputes - a guide for landlords

  • when can landlords raise a tenant's rent?
  • the rent review procedure and notice periods;
  • resolving disputes about rent rises; and
  • evicting a tenant who has fallen into arrears.

Claiming compensation for negligent financial advice

  • identifying professional negligence by a financial advisor;
  • bringing a compensation claim for financial loss or damage;
  • what are the most common types of financial negligence? and
  • time limits for bringing a professional negligence claim.

Making a claim against a letting agent for malpractice

  • the role of a letting agent in managing rental properties;

  • common disputes between a landlord and letting agent;

  • what duty of care do letting agents have? and

  • engaging the help of a solicitor if things go wrong.

Challenging a gift to charity made in a will

  • position of charities in defending claims;
  • grounds for interference and challenging validity;
  • establishing ambiguity in a will; and
  • the benefits of resolving issues through mediation.

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