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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the civil disputes topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

The dangers of pregnancy-related sepsis

  • what is sepsis and some early symptoms;
  • how it can affect women and their babies during pregnancy or soon after birth;
  • evidence needed to prove negligence in care; and
  • claiming compensation for maternal or post-partum sepsis.

Inheritance rights of children born outside of marriage

  • restablishing your rights to secure your inheritance;
  • what you will inherit where there is a will;
  • steps to take where there is a will, but you are not mentioned; and
  • rules of intestacy where there is no will.

Advice for leaseholders who are in dispute with their building manager

  • frequently asked questions when dealing with a building management dispute;

  • referring your complaint through the management redress scheme;
  • referring your dispute to the First Tier Tribunal; and
  • the benefits of resolving issues through mediation.

Claiming compensation for your child following a serious injury

  • avoiding the risk of a claim missing a key deadline;

  • ensuring your child receives all the compensation they deserve;

  • settlement of claims and interim payments; and

  • protecting the money received for your child.

What to do if you receive an adverse possession claim

  • understanding how the right to claim adverse possession arises;

  • implications of registered versus unregistered property;

  • the length of possession; and

  • how a solicitor can help formulate a response strategy.

How to remove the executor of an estate

  • concerns about the actions or behaviour of an executor;

  • the key duties of an executor;

  • some common grounds for removal; and

  • a look at the case of Hudman v Morris.

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