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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the civil disputes topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Challenging a dubious will where you suspect coercion

  • cirumstances that may arouse suspicion;

  • establishing whether undue influence has occurred;
  • how to object to a will on the grounds of undue influence; and
  • dispute resolution through court or mediation.

Compensation for injury or illness while working in healthcare

  • common accidents involving care workers;

  • care workers and work-related stress during coronavirus;

  • what training and risk assessments should an employer provide? and

  • what to do after suffering an accident or illness at work.

Resolving a dispute between property owners with a shared interest  

  • instances where disputes about property issues may arise;
  • the role of a solicitor in helping to resolve matters;
  • options for alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation; and
  • taking court action as last resort to tackle a dispute.

Can I challenge a will that fails to make reasonable provision for me?

  • determining eligibility to make an Inheritance Act claim;

  • justification for varying the terms of a will;

  • what does ‘reasonable’ financial provision mean? and

  • is there a time limit for making a claim?

Construction industry accidents rise to new heights

  • employers responsibility to comply with health and safety legislation;

  • types of accident that occur in the construction industry;

  • key things to do if you have been injured; and
  • making a compensation claim from an employer or contractor.

Regaining possession of a rental property during the Covid-19 crisis

  • temporary rules for evictions during the coronavirus pandemic;
  • circumstances where six months' notice is required;
  • how courts are dealing with eviction cases; and
  • appointing a lawyer to make the process as easy as possible.

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