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Residential conveyancing is a highly competitive area of legal work, and so it is vitally important to stay one step ahead in your marketing.  But, if you are busy focused on getting clients into their new home, how do find the time to write articles for your website and social media?

 A monthly subscription to the residential conveyancing articles from the Berners legal content library will ensure that you have all the marketing content that your law firm needs to keep your website up to date, populate client newsletters and provide topical material for social media.

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Previous legal topics

Examples of the residential property law topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Buying a property from a mortgagee in possession or a receiver

  • What is a mortgagee in possession?
  • What is a receiver?
  • Does it matter if the sale is by a receiver or the mortgagee?
  • The main differences from a conventional purchase; and
  • How can I reduce the risks?

Property, planning and paying for care

  • when might your local authority deem that selling your home is necessary?
  • when selling your home might not be necessary
  • can you avoid selling your home altogether? and
  • what to do if you have left your legal planning too late.

Selling a property after someone has died

  • checking you have the legal right to deal with the property;
  • steps to obtaining the grant of probate;
  • dealing with jointly owned property correctly; and
  • checklist for collecting valuations and property information.

Transferring property to your children

  • the mechanics of transferring property to your children;
  • transferring property to more than one child;
  • is it possible to transfer property to a minor? and
  • other considerations and tax implications.

Key considerations for buying a home off plan

  • what is involved when buying a property off plan?

  • reasons for the rise in popularity of off plan purchases;

  • advantages and disadvantages of buying off plan; and

  • financing and impacts on mortgage offers.

Can a fraudster really steal a house?

  • how to avoid becoming a victim as a homeowner;
  • a look at the case of the Reverend Hall in Luton;
  • protecting yourself when buying or selling a property; and
  • the importance of using an experienced solicitor for property transactions.

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