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Forthcoming legal topics

Examples of the employment law topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Spring employment law round up

  • increase in statutory rates of wages and pay;
  • new employment laws through private members bills;
  • significant changes in employment law on the horizon; and
  • a look at topical employment law cases.

Problems in performance management

  • the purpose of a performance management policy;
  • key steps to implementing the policy;
  • common issues that call for reasonable adjustments; and
  • possible alternatives to performance management.

What employers need to know about hidden disabilities

  • defining a disability under The Equality Act 2010;
  • asking employees about their health;
  • liability for disability discrimination or failure to make reasonable adjustments; and
  • common myths about an employers responsibilities.

Employers - let’s talk about pay

  • fair treatment and discrepancies in pay rises;
  • a look at the different pay gaps for employees;
  • assessing your pay gap to avoid discriminatory pay claims; and
  • justifying a pay difference or discriminatory pay practices.

Employee monitoring; an employer’s guide

  • top benefits of employee monitoring to your business;
  • drawbacks to employee monitoring and impact on employees;
  • considerations for data protection and human rights; and
  • advice on the contents of a monitoring policy.

Adoption rights; what employers need to know

  • who is entitled to adoption employment rights?
  • an outline of statutory adoption leave and pay;
  • protection from detriment and dismissal; and
  • supporting employees while avoiding employment tribunal claims. 

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