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It can be hard to find the time to write marketing articles, when you are a dispute resolution lawyer and busy with litigation, mediation or other client meetings. But with a constant stream of case law emanating from the courts it is important to keep your business clients up to date.

 A monthly subscription to the commercial dispute resolution law articles from the Berners legal content library will ensure that you have all the marketing content that your law firm needs to keep your website up to date, populate client newsletters and provide topical material for social media.

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Previous legal topics

Examples of the commercial dispute resolution topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Should you agree to payment of debt by instalments?

  • identifying temporary cash flow problems versus deep rooted financial issues;
  • giving debtors longer to pay versus writing off the debt;
  • setting up instalment payments through a debt repayment plan; and
  • going to court and settling.

COVID-19 and illness compensation claims

  • updates to the latest government guidance on safe working;
  • documenting a risk assessment;
  • what to do on receipt of a claim; and
  • advice on how to proceed when there has been a fatality.

A debt recovery strategy during the COVID-19 crisis

  • understanding standard terms of conditions of business;
  • updating current credit control procedures;
  • negotiating an alternative solution with debtors; and
  • recovery of debts using an insolvency process or the courts.

Commercial contract disputes arising from COVID-19

  • bringing a contract to an end;
  • when a force majeure event is likely to be deemed to have arisen;
  • relying on the law of frustration to end a contract; and
  • negotiating a compromise to avoid a contract dispute.

Settling a dispute arising from a joint venture

  • the importance of setting out a written agreement; 
  • persevering with the commercial relationship through mediation; 
  • taking legal action by issuing court proceedings; and 
  • how the structure of a joint venture with affect the dispute.

Resolving a commercial banking dispute

  • the five main dispute resolution options; 
  • cases where a referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service is not permissible; 
  • disputes where you should seek legal advice immediately; and 
  • negotiation or mediation with a bank.

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