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It can be hard to find the time to write marketing articles, when you are a dispute resolution lawyer and busy with litigation, mediation or other client meetings. But with a constant stream of case law emanating from the courts it is important to keep your business clients up to date.

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Previous legal topics

Examples of the commercial dispute resolution topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Recovery of commercial rent arrears accrued during the pandemic

  • instigating debt recovery proceedings;
  • recent court decisions on the recovery of rent arrears;
  • a landlord’s right to sue for recovery of rent; and
  • the important of seeking legal advice from a solicitor.

Can I halt court case proceedings if no attempts have been made to resolve matters first? 

  • checking the clause wording in your contract; 
  • set criteria for halting proceedings; 
  • problematic alternative dispute resolution clauses; and 
  • advice on what happens if matters are not resolved. 

Resolving a commercial lease dispute in a recession

  • types of dispute relating to a commercial lease;
  • the key risk considerations for landlords;
  • options for resolving a lease dispute; and
  • the benefits of mediation to resolve matters. 

Defending a claim that you breached your duties as a director

  • an outline of the key duties of a director; 
  • potential consequences where a breach occurs; 

  • options for dealing with minor breaches; and 

  • options for dealing with a serious breach of duty.

Impact of Brexit on business disputes with EU customers and suppliers

  • dealing with cross-border disputes post-Brexit;
  • impact on contractual ‘choice of law’ provisions; 
  • how contractual ‘choice of court’ provisions will be affected; and 
  • enforcement of a UK judgment in EU member states.

Commercial debt recovery options in the face of Covid-19 and Brexit

  • factors to consider when developing a debt recovery strategy;
  • using different strategies for different types of debtors;
  • key debt recovery routes available to pursue; and
  • how coronavirus or Brexit might influence the approach taken.

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