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It can be hard to find the time to write marketing articles, when you are a dispute resolution lawyer and busy with litigation, mediation or other client meetings. But with a constant stream of case law emanating from the courts it is important to keep your business clients up to date.

 A monthly subscription to the commercial dispute resolution law articles from the Berners legal content library will ensure that you have all the marketing content that your law firm needs to keep your website up to date, populate client newsletters and provide topical material for social media.

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Previous legal topics

Examples of the commercial dispute resolution topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include:

Breach of the duty of good faith: options for directors

  • a director's duty and obligations regarding company affairs;
  • how to determine whether you have acted in good faith;
  • consequences and sanctions for breach of duty ; and 
  • how a solicitor can help mount a defence against a claim.

When to instruct a solicitor to collect a business debt

  • understanding the cause of the debt;
  • deciding when the time is right to get a lawyer involved;
  • factors that should shape your debt recovery strategy; and

  • dispelling a few debt recovery myths.

    Facing an investigation for Covid-related business fraud?

    • potentially problematic actions made by your business;

    • the key Government fraud checks and schemes;

    • rectifying innocent mistakes  made during the pandemic; and

    • how a commercial dispute resolution lawyer can help.

    Liability of individual partners for partnership debts

    • why prompt legal advice is imperative; 
    • what debts are partners liable for? 
    • handling debts incurred after you have retired? and 
    • what is the position with a limited partnership or an LLP?

    What to expect if you are asked to give evidence at court for a business

    • circumstances where you may need to give evidence;
    • providing an accurate witness statement;
    • producing documents as evidence in a case; and
    • appearing in court before a judge.

    Paid too much for an overvalued business? Your rights of redress

    • taking action and the importance of legal advice; 
    • valuations based on information provided by the seller; 

    • valuations based on information provided by your professional advisors; and 

    • how a dispute resolution lawyers can help.

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