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Previous legal topics

Examples of the commercial property law topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include: 

Legal tips for optimising the sale value of commercial property

  • how to make your property more appealing to optimise return;
  • selling a property as an investment;
  • considerations when selling a vacant property; and
  • identifying key problems before they arise.

Can I change the use of my business premises?

  • making the best use of commercial real estate;
  • new flexibility and changes to planning law;
  • contractual limits in leases and mortgages; and
  • using a solicitor to negotiate a change of use.

Exiting your commercial lease – what are your options?

  • exercising a break clause with attached conditions;
  • negotiating the surrender of a commercial lease;
  • finding a new tenant through assignment or underletting; and
  • the importance of engaging a solicitor to help avoid pitfalls.

Landlords options for enforcing commercial tenants’ obligations

  • recover rent arrears as business debt;
  • drawing on rent deposits to cover unpaid rent;
  • making a claim under lease guarantees, such as an AGA; and
  • compromise agreements and preserving right to forfeit.

Is it time to open a pop-up shop?

  • key considerations for a startup;
  • negotiating a deal that works for your business;
  • complying with conditions of use and health & safety requirements; and
  • shutting up shop and ensuring legal documents are in order.

Acquiring title by adverse possession

  • what is ‘adverse possession’? 
  • when does a business have rights of adverse possession; 
  • applying to be the registered owner of the land; and 
  • how to proceed in the event of a dispute with the landowner. 

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