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Previous legal topics

Examples of the commercial property law topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include: 

Redeveloping commercial property around your tenant

  • making plans to improve or extend a building;

  • landlord's right to carry out redevelopment work;

  • your tenant's right to quiet enjoyment; and

  • negotiating with tenants to redevelop the property.

Commercial property, green space, and The Queen’s Green Canopy

  • key aspects of the Environment Act 2021;
  • biodiversity net gain requriement on new developments; 

  • tree planting and planning requirements; and

  • the benefit and impact of conservation covenants.

Restrictive covenants and development sites

  • what are restrictive covenants?
  • examples of typical restrictive covenants on buildings or land;
  • what are the penalties for breaching a restrictive covenant? and
  • three options for dealing with a restrictive covenant.

Renewing or extending your commercial lease

  • the benefits of negotiating a new lease;
  • opportunities to change to existing provisions;
  • applications for a statutory lease renewal; and
  • why both parties need advice from an experienced property lawyer.

Securing access for a commercial property

  • the importance of drawing up an access agreement;
  • public highways, private rights of way and maintenance;

  • disputes over interference with access rights; and

  • caution when changing use and acquiring extra land.

Legal issues when buying offices as an investment

  • the fundamentals of buying an investment property;
  • considerations when choosing a property;
  • letting the property and ensuring a return on investment; and
  • creating a future strategy for your property portfolio.

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