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Attracting new business clients is essential for any ambitious law firm, but when you are busy buying or selling companies or negotiating trading agreements, it can be hard to find the time to write marketing articles.

 A monthly subscription to the corporate and commercial law articles from the Berners legal content library will ensure that you have all the marketing content that your law firm needs to keep your website up to date, populate client newsletters and provide topical material for social media.

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Previous legal topics

Examples of the corporate and commercial law topics issued to our subscribers over the last six months include: 

Should you drag along or tag along as an investor?

  • what are tag along rights?
  • what are drag along rights?
  • advantages and disadvantages; and
  • negotiation tips to secure an equitable exit.

Planning for success in a partnership merger

  • analysis of the two businesses merging;
  • commercial and logistical issues to consider;
  • legal considerations for a merger; and
  • what documentation you will need to review.

Could a trade mark protect your business on social media?

  • how a trade mark can help protect your brand;
  • dealing with impersonation and fake online accounts;
  • using your brand name as a hashtag; and
  • is trade mark registration the right choice for your business?

Buying shares in a business - what to look our for

  • investment as part of business growth strategy;
  • commercial considerations and due diliigence;
  • personal considerations, including tax position; and
  • documentation needed for share purchase.

Pitfalls to avoid when commissioning bespoke software

  • benefits of commissioning bespoke software;

  • risks of not seeking legal advice at an early stage;
  • ownership of intellectual property rights; and

  • negotiating personalised terms in your contract.

Why your terms and conditions may be letting you down

  • Why might you want to amend your terms and conditions?
  • How you can change your terms and conditions
  • Minimising the risk of consumer complaints and commercial disputes; and
  • Verbal alterations.

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