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Attracting new business clients is essential for any ambitious law firm, but when you are busy buying or selling companies or negotiating trading agreements, it can be hard to find the time to write marketing articles.

 A monthly subscription to the corporate and commercial law articles from the Berners legal content library will ensure that you have all the marketing content that your law firm needs to keep your website up to date, populate client newsletters and provide topical material for social media.

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Forthcoming legal topics

By way of example, the corporate and commercial law topics planned over the next few months will cover:

Risk management by company directors during the COVID19 crisis

  • ensuring the safety of employees who cannot work from home;
  • ensuring your company's continued survival;
  • dealing with a company on the brink of collapse; and
  • ensuring your business decisions stand up to scrutiny.

Coronavirus FAQs for company and commercial issues

  • the impact of coronavirus on businesses;
  • implications of the Coronavirus Act 2020;
  • advice on existing business contracts; and
  • the security risks of homeworking.

Should I agree to an earn out when selling my business?

  • what is an earn out agreement;
  • planning your exit strategy;
  • the benefits of an earn out; and
  • disadvantages and risks associated with an earn

Protecting your interests when taking venture capital

  • taking external investment
  • different stages of venture capital investment;
  • the advantages and the pitfalls; and
  • longer term considerations.

Types of shares and reasons for restructuring your shares

  • three classes of shares;
  • when the need for each class could arise;
  • how restructuring your company shareholding might be useful; and
  • the importance of instructing a solicitor.

Reducing business risk with a service level agreement

  • circumstances where an SLA can be used;
  • types of risks associated with a service contract;
  • the key benefits; and
  • typical terms to negotiate with the help of a solicitor.

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