Online profiles for attorneys and solicitors

Lawyer profiles matter - your lawyers’ profiles are amongst the most important pages on your website. They are certainly some of the most viewed pages. Even a new client who is referred by a trusted associate will usually pay a visit to a lawyer’s profile page before giving them a call.

A professional profile needs to convey your depth of expertise in a way that your ideal client will understand and, to have the greatest reach, the content needs to be optimised for internet search to ensure you can be found with ease online.

“What is it about you that will make me want to give you my business?”

As a minimum, your partners and associates should have a detailed and up-to-date profile on your website and on LinkedIn. If you need to pitch for work through tenders, or if any of your lawyers regularly speak on the conference circuit, additional sector or subject specific profiles may also be needed.

Let us shine a light on your expertise

To really shine a light on your expertise, it is important that your profiles are well written and kept up to date, with examples of your work and a glimpse of what you are like to work with.

“I hate writing about myself”

Few people feel comfortable about singing their own praises, particularly if they are asked to write their own profile. Having someone do it for you means that any shyness can be overcome and a profile produced that truly reflects your achievements and what you can offer.

If you require multiple profiles for your team, we can also ensure consistency in length, detail and style.

We an provide profile suitable for:

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Speaker agency 
  • Tenders.

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