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Legal success stories and case studies

In our experience, many solicitors are very modest about the great work they do.

Yet explaining how you have helped one client can make it easier for another person to understand what you might do for them. It also provides assurance to them that you have done this work many times.

Ensuring a regular flow of success stories is useful for your newsletters and essential for your website and search engine optimisation. We help many law firms to produce a regular flow of success stories and case studies. By asking the right questions we also get answers for your clients. They need want to know that you have the relevant experience and a track record of success, and success stories are a great way to show this.

How we can help:

  • all we ask from your fee-earners is a quick interview to tell us about any interesting deals or matters they have successfully completed;
  • now we will draft a quality article on their behalf; and
  • each solicitor has a chance to amend the story before final approval.

This type of original legal content is particularly attractive to Google.

So, do not let your success stories go unnoticed. Let us spread the good news and we can build your reputation and increase your enquiries in the process.

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Great legal content

With more new clients coming to solicitors via the internet, content plays a vital role in establishing your credentials in a particular area of legal expertise.

Lawyer success stories

Do your marketing materials showcase the best work of your lawyers and demonstrate their expertise and abilities?

Art of Great Legal Content

This handy book provides an essential guide to producing high quality legal articles for your website, newsletter, press releases, blogs and social media. It is full of practical advice from our team of legal authors, all experienced solicitors and barristers, and our editors.

Writing topical legal articles and content for your website

By following our guide to legal writing you can ensure that your work hits your target market, conveys your message effectively and maximises your exposure.

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