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Bespoke legal content – thought leadership for solicitors

If you are a specialist in a particular niche of law, one effective way to position yourself as an expert in your given field is by publishing feature articles, client guides, a blog, a survey or even a book.

But creating substantial content that interests your niche market and captures prospective clients can be time-consuming for a busy lawyer. Your time may be spent more profitably on face-to-face business development activities.

Our bespoke service has helped numerous specialist lawyers to promote their skills and cement their reputation with editorial material that showcases their thought leadership. We achieve this by working with you to develop and create unique publications confidentially.

Copy editing

Your valuable time is best spent on the first draft, but your time can be spent more profitably than copy editing and preparing the publication for printing or online production. We can ensure that your publication is produced to the highest standard.


Perhaps writing editorial pieces does not come naturally to you. Bespoke ghost-writing is just one of the ways we can help you communicate your unique thoughts, views and expertise to those who matter.


If you are an expert in an area of law that is still emerging or developing, our survey service can also be of great benefit. We can develop and organise a study in your chosen field to assist you in writing content and support your position in a specialist field.

Whatever your needs we can help support you in your marketing strategy where you need it most. Our service is entirely tailored to your niche specialism and marketing needs and you retain control at all times.

How we work with you:

  • firstly we will take a brief from you in person or by phone;
  • we will then draft a synopsis for you approval;
  • next we set about developing bespoke content for you;
  • further telephone interviews may be required;
  • drafts are then sent to you to check accuracy; and
  • you retain full approval.

For a confidential and informal discussion, without obligation, please call us or email

Great Legal Content

With more new clients coming to solicitors via the internet, content plays a vital role in establishing your credentials in a particular area of legal expertise.

Art of Great Legal Content

This handy book provides an essential guide to producing high quality legal articles for your website, newsletter, press releases, blogs and social media. It is full of practical advice from our team of legal authors, all experienced solicitors and barristers, and our editors.

Law Firm Marketing Style Guide

Based upon the style guides of The Telegraph, The Economist, the BBC, and incorporating best practice from the Plain English Campaign, this guide is developed specifically for the legal profession.

Google and the content conundrum

Understandably the realm of search engine optimisation (SEO) is the sort of topic that quickly sends most of us to sleep, but the importance of the internet means that it cannot be ignored.

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