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Mystery shopping for legal services

Client satisfaction research tells you about the experience of clients who have chosen to use you. What about the people who made an enquiry and decided to use another firm?

Given how much money is spent by solicitors on marketing law firms and on lead generation it is important to evaluate how good a firm is at converting those enquiries to new business. Mystery shopping is useful for evaluating the client experience from the initial enquiry, through call handling at reception and into the department, where you can monitor sales skills.

Partners will often say that “if they can just get in front of a potential client” then they will come away with an instruction. But, how confident are you that all the enquiries generated by your solicitors’ marketing effort, reach the right person?

Firms who have not used mystery shopping before are often surprised at what can be evaluated, for example client views can be measured regarding:

  • friendliness, warmth and empathy;
  • listening and questioning skills;
  • professionalism and perceived expertise;
  • call transfer etiquette;
  • rapport building skills;
  • skills in addressing concerns and doubts;
  • clarity of information regarding fees;
  • ability to explain the value proposition;
  • enthusiasm;
  • quality of follow up; and
  • value of business “left on the table”.

Mystery shopping measures in detail how well each service standard is being met, and the subsequent analysis provides valuable intelligence to identify specific training needs or areas for improvements in systems and processes.

Syndicate mystery shopping

Syndicate mystery shopping is an excellent way of joining forces with other ambitious law firms to help each other drive your client service forward to new levels. Just like a football team, the competitive nature of a league table will motivate your team to aim to become top of the league.

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Mystery Shopping Legal Services

This guide for managing partners, answers your questions on mystery shopping of legal services.

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