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Law firm mergers and marketing support

Two key objectives of a merger are to strengthen market position and to achieve cost reductions through economies of scale.

Strengthening market position is achieved through combining marketing activities for greater impact and the cultural integration of teams to exploit cross-selling opportunities. Neither of these activities are as easy as they seem and the investment of time and effort required to achieve them should not be under-estimated.

In seeking to combine marketing teams to achieve economies of scale, you may benefit from an independent review of systems and staff to determine the optimal post-merger team structure for the marketing department.

Integrating departmental teams to achieve effective cross selling is best achieved via a planned programme of internal activities which develop relationships and promote trust between teams.

You may also need assistance with establishing the new corporate identity and brand of the combined firm. This often requires significant resource and effective project management in the run up to the merger. This is then followed by the need for swift and effective communications with clients and contacts as the merger is announced.

With extensive experience of pre-merger planning, launches and post-merger integration we can help you to ensure that you maximise the benefits of any proposed manager.

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Law firm mergers need joined-up thinking

Mergers are becoming increasingly common for legal businesses of all sizes, but exploiting the business development opportunities arising from a merger is not a quick win. Sue Bramall explains how to make the process smooth and successful.

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