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Contact management strategies for solicitors

The details of your clients and prospects and fellow professional contacts are valuable intellectual property. Consider its importance in a potential merger situation. Consider its value to a competitor.

And yet, firms often struggle to implement, maintain and exploit an effective strategy to manage client and contact information. Practice management systems with CRM modules frequently fail to deliver.

We have helped a number of firms to set up and actively manage a client information system for their firm, resulting in:

  • more frequent contact with key clients and prospects;
  • yielding better turnout to events; and
  • better tracking of new business opportunities.

Planning how you manage your client data depends on a number of factors.

If you are setting up a new law firm then it is important to get this right from the outset. For established firms, it may well be necessary to "clean" or prioritise some historic data.

You will need a data management strategy to determine what information you will record, how you will capture it, who will record and maintain it and how.

The choice of CRM software is secondary to the above factors, and should support these decisions, rather than drive them.

If client contact data has not been valued in the past, then you will need to achieve a change in culture, and it is important that this is led from the top.

We can help you and guide you through this to ensure that your firm harnesses the value in your client data.

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Do law firms really need a CRM solution? And when do they need it?

Even very small firms can benefit from a CRM database, especially if led by an active networker and rainmaker.

Cross selling

It is easy to accept the theoretical benefit of cross selling as a route to increased profits – higher spend per client, lower cost of acquisition, less risk of attrition. However, in 2007, a survey by BTI Consulting Group reported that only four per cent described their firm as highly effective.

Cross selling: the rainmaker’s not-so-secret weapon

Like anything else in business, good relationships are the key to business development. You need to invest time and effort in building a relationship of trust and mutual understanding with your colleagues if you are going to successfully exploit any cross-selling opportunities.

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