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Social media for law firms

If your solicitors are producing high quality legal content to promote their expertise, your services and events that your firm is involved with, then you need to make sure that this information reaches every possible person who may be interested.

Social media provides you with an additional suite of communication channels to broaden the potential audience for information about your firm: Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Berners Marketing manages the distribution of marketing content to social media alongside all the other communications strategies – so that a coordinated and integrated approach is adopted.

If you are new to social media, then the first step is to implement a social media policy to ensure that your staff know what is, and is not, acceptable social media behaviour.

Then, in order to ensure a coordinated communications strategy, you need to set some clear objectives and goals. Objectives may relate to the amount of time devoted to this (not too much!), how many followers you wish to acquire, and how many posts per month you aspire to add.

Deciding who will be responsible for each platform is important as you strike a balance between sharing the load and ensuring a consistent corporate voice.

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Do you need a social media policy?

Over the past few months we have been working with a number of clients and social media specialists to develop a model social media policy and a template social media register to help law firms to manage their array of social media.

Legal news v blogs - which is best for solicitors web sites?

Whether you do this via a news section or a blog depends on your communications strategy, internal resources and commitment of the team.

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