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Client newsletter production for solicitors and law firms

Do your fee-earners struggle to find the time to produce articles for client newsletters or bulletins? Is it really the best way for them to spend their time when they could be looking after clients or developing new client relationships?

Client newsletters or e-news are an ideal way of keeping your firm’s name at the forefront of your clients’ minds and ensuring that they are fully aware of all the services that you have to offer.

Our newsletters are written by a panel of qualified solicitors and barristers, all experts in their own field, and then edited to a plain English client-friendly style.

We can:

  • organise and create bespoke newsletters in a quality bespoke design tailored to your branding;
  • offer an exclusivity arrangement based on an agreed post code area;
  • ensure your newsletter contains high-quality content, news, features and helpful guides; and
  • oversee the complete production and distribution of your newsletter, while ensuring you retain full approval at all times.

Choose from:

Standard newsletter template - which you can tailor with your firm’s branding and contact details. You also have the option to include one or more articles about your firm to personalise the newsletter.

Tailor-made newsletter – we will design and produce your own exclusive newsletter. From the topics available, simply decide which articles you would like to include and let us have your own news items and we will do the rest.

Electronic newsletter – using a dedicated marketing system and our legal articles you can create, send and track your own e-newsletters with minimum effort. You will be benefiting from comprehensive legal reporting, which allows you to see exactly who has been interested in each article.

Legal content only – if you already have a regular newsletter template and a reliable design agency, but struggle to produce enough content to meet the production schedule, you can simply purchase our legal articles to fill any gaps.


Within a firm, articles can be written by different people with different writing styles. Some editorial polish can be the finishing touch that marks you out as a professional firm.

How it works:

  • our copy-editing service ensures all articles produced by your team follow a common style;
  • consistent quality writing is a top priority for us, which is why we maintain an in-house style guide that adheres to that of The Times and The Economist;
  • because articles written by enthusiastic lawyers are not always client friendly, we can help you adapt your writing into plain English - making articles accessible to your clients; and
  • we have a thorough proof-reading process to ensure articles are in top condition for distribution.

Articles written by enthusiastic lawyers are not always client friendly or in plain English. By handing over the editing to us, we guarantee that your content is tailored to your clients and that nothing gets lost in translation.

Production service

Our service also extends to production support, from creating content to editing it and distributing it; we can oversee everything, leaving you free to focus on client-facing business development.

Included in this service:

  • assistance in creating a production schedule that suits your firm;
  • help with agreeing material for articles and other marketing material; and
  • managing deadlines and ensuring production is running smoothly and on time.

For a confidential and informal discussion, without obligation, please call us or email

Law Firm Marketing Style Guide

Based upon the style guides of The Telegraph, The Economist, the BBC, and incorporating best practice from the Plain English Campaign, this guide is developed specifically for the legal profession.

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