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Topical legal content – articles for marketing corporate and commercial law services – Autumn 2018

1st September, 2018

If you need help promoting your firm’s corporate and commercial law services, why not let our authors write the articles for you?

Here are this month’s topics from our legal content library:

Implied terms in commercial contracts: how they work

  • express vs. implied terms;
  • what are the risks with implied terms;
  • how can implied terms be excluded? and
  • how can a commercial solicitor help?

Retention of title clauses: preserving your rights of ownership until you are paid

  • how retention of title clauses work;
  • circumstances in which they are appropriate;
  • effectiveness if a customer goes bust or refuses to pay what they are owed;
  • need to include as a contractual term; and
  • legal requirements that need to be met to ensure enforceability.

Buying or selling a business: agree key terms upfront

  • why heads of terms are needed;
  • the issues they usually cover;
  • the need for a separate exclusivity arrangement; and
  • taking care to avoid misrepresentation.

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