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New legal content library articles on corporate and commercial topics

1st May, 2019

Our writers have been hard at work over the past few months putting together some interesting new articles. Need some content on company and commercial law issues? Look no further!

Examples of the new articles available from our content library include:

Termination clauses and the right to walk away

  • grounds for a contract termination;
  • understanding contractual terms and conditions;
  • events which justify termination; and
  • grey areas or breaches where no one is to blame.

Selling your company: handle warranties with care

  • what is a warranty in the context of selling a business;
  • why they are an important component in the sale;
  • types of warranties and their common areas of focus; and
  • mitigating and managing warranties

Best or reasonable endeavours?

  • contracts and the purpose of an endeavours clause;
  • an explanation of the three types of clauses;
  • the various pros and cons of each; and
  • instructing a solicitor to instruct which clause to use.

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