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Do you need a social media policy?

5th March, 2013

Over the past few months we have been working with a number of clients and social media specialists to develop a model social media policy and a template social media register to help law firms to manage their array of social media.

Described as “one of the best written, clearest and well laid out policies I’ve seen” by Scott Crowther, Knowledge Transfer Specialist at WMG Digital, University of Warwick, we are confident that you will find this template highly practical and easy to adapt for your firm.

Purchase a copy with a donation to our adopted charity

We are making the policy available in editable MS Word format in return for a small donation to our adopted charity of Medic Malawi which supports a hospital, nutrition centre, and orphanage in Mtunthama.

To request your copy, simply click here to provide your details and indicate how much you wish to donate. An invoice will be sent with the template file.

Whilst safeguarding the reputation of your firm on social media, a donation could help the impoverished community of Mtuntthama in a numMedic Malawiber of ways.

What your donation can support:

  • £50.00 a nurse's salary for a month
  • £100.00 a month’s supply of emergency medicine
  • £150.00 five eye operations
  • £200.00 two new beds for a children's ward (being built in 2013)

 Medic Malawi is a grass roots charity based in Shropshire where every penny goes direct to the project in Malawi to help with healthcare, nutrition, education and the orphanage.

For further information, email or visit 

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