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Once your solicitors’ new website has been designed and built, the challenge is to keep it up to date with fresh legal content which is relevant to your target markets.

Many solicitors struggle with keeping the law firm website up to date due to the content management system within the website and then finding the time to draft the fresh legal articles for the website on a regular basis.

Having worked with many law firms over the years, we have seen a wide range of content management systems – the good, the bad, the ugly and the expensive! Some web design agencies that we have come across charge a high monthly fee for the privilege of using the content management system. There is no need for this cost, and if you work out the cost of a website over several years, then there can be an enormous difference in cost.

The other type of content management system to beware of is the open source one. Web agencies may love it, as it is free for them to use. But the downside is that there is often little or no support, or training documentation. When something goes wrong it can be an uphill struggle to get it fixed quickly.

Open source systems are often “easy-to-use” if you are a full time web designer. If you are a solicitor who only goes under the bonnet of your website once in a while then they are not always intuitive to get to grips with.

We recommend that you should ask for a demonstration of any content management system proposed by a web agency. Also, ask to speak with a couple of other clients who use it to see whether it really is user-friendly.

Marie Tisdale, marketing partner and head of private client services at Ansons Solicitors LLP was delighted with their new website. “It is generating plenty of enquiries and the user-friendly content management system makes it much easier to keep up to date.”

If you are fed up with your website’s content management system then contact Berners Marketing to see how ours compares.

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