Updates to our Legal Marketing Editorial Style Guide for content writers

Editorial_Style_Guide_Image.pngWe have made some changes and updates to the Berners Legal Marketing Editorial Style Guide.

Originally created in 2012, this has been the editorial bible for our team of solicitors, barristers, legal journalists and editors who provide the legal articles for our Legal Content Library.

It differs from standard legal publishing style guides as marketing content tends to be written for the non-lawyer audience.

Inspired by the style guides of The Telegraph, The Economist, the BBC, our version incorporates best practice from the Plain English Campaign. However, it also differs from standard journalistic style guides, as it does include plenty of legal terminology and alternative to legalese.

Each year we update it to include new words and phrases as well to as address common issues when writing about legal topics. For example, we have recent additions include:

'Using a style guide is key to creating content that is consistent and professional for your law firm and to ensure client-friendly content for all your marketing activities,' says Sue Bramall, managing director of Berners Marketing. ‘Many lawyers, law firms and legal marketing professionals have said how useful they find it.’

This is our preferred style of writing to ensure we deliver content that is high quality, readable and accessible to our clients.

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