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05Feb '20

How easy is it for clients with a disability to access your services? (first published in the Solicitor's Journal)

In her article first published in the Solicitor's Journal, Sue Bramall makes recommendations on how law firms can improve access to information for clients who have a disability.

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20Dec '19

Research into law firms and the legal market – the 2019 annual review

2019 has seen plenty of research into the state of the legal market. law firm performance, developments in legal technology, law firm marketing trends, pricing transparency and the mental health of lawyers and support teams. Here is our annual round up...

  • Legal market research

24May '19

Covering broccoli with cheese sauce - why do lawyers need to be bribed or threatened to embrace CRM?

After legal expertise, client relationships are surely a lawyers most valuable asset – and yet managing that information is often given scant attention.

  • Law firm marketing
  • Contact data
  • Legal market research

27Apr '18

Legal market research roundup - Spring 2018

The turn of the year has seen plenty of research into the state of the legal market, at home and abroad. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Legal market research

20Dec '17

Bellwether Report 2017 'The Art of Success': an overview

With so much of the analysis of the UK legal market focused on the top 200 firms, it is great to see some research into the long tail of independent firms in the Lexis Nexis Bellwether Report 2017.

  • Legal market research

06Jul '17

2017 NatWest Legal Benchmarking Report encourages firms to increase BusDev resources

The latest Natwest and Robert Mowbray benchmarking survey is in and it reports significant revenue growth over the past two years, but comes with some warnings as well.

  • Legal market research

19Jun '17

Crunch time: Artificial intelligence and objective analysis

The 2016 Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report found that ‘the legal services sector is not working well for individual consumers and small businesses.'

  • Legal market research
  • AI & big data
  • Content strategy
  • Internet search results

15Jun '17

Avoiding complaints through mystery shopping

In this article, first published in The Look Out, Sue Bramall and James Brindley of TLO Risk Services look at how mystery shopping can reduce the risk of client complaints, the areas in which law firms tend to receive most complaints, and other improvements that might be identified by a mystery shopping exercise.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Legal market research

10Mar '17

Thomson Reuters urge firms to adapt in latest ‘State of the legal market’ report

Thomson Reuter’s latest ‘Report on the State of the Legal Market’ highlights the importance of adaptability. With rapid development of the legal market over the past decade, this is hardly surprising.

  • Legal market research

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