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17Jul '20

Podcast: Law firm marketing to clients during the coronavirus pandemic

In a podcast for The Law Society Law Management Section, Fariha Butt of Saracens Solicitors interviewed Sue Bramall on the subject of client communications and how to manage your marketing to achieve your objectives during the pandemic.

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24May '19

Covering broccoli with cheese sauce - why do lawyers need to be bribed or threatened to embrace CRM?

After legal expertise, client relationships are surely a lawyers most valuable asset – and yet managing that information is often given scant attention.

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22Sep '17

Sue Bramall presents webinar on cross-selling legal services for Law Society Law Management Section

Sue Bramall is joining forces with former Pinsents colleague Simon McNidder to present a webinar for the Law Society, Law Management Section entitled: Cross-selling legal services - Maximising the lifetime value of your clients

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16Aug '16

Cross selling – not for the faint hearted: a strategic approach to cross-selling private client services

How often does any client of your firm walk out of the door without a will, or without anyone knowing if they have a will or a power of attorney? How often has one of your firm’s clients instructed another private client lawyer that ‘they just happened to meet’ because they did not know that you offered a particular service?

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01Jul '15

How do you value your contacts? (first published in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers)

Sue Bramall explains the importance of client data management and how to use it effectively in your law firm.

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