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30Nov '18

Computer security day – or reminder of a piracy nightmare?

As it is National Computer Security Day, I asked our IT support company PromptPC if we could share the following story.

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26Nov '18

Check your law firm’s website in time for Computer Security Day

It is Computer Security Day on 30 November 2018 and this is a timely reminder to all law firms and their website managers to download and read the whitepaper by The Law Society and Sharkgate on the prevention of website hacking.

  • Law firm websites

15Jan '18

Out of this world: how far reaching is your communications strategy for 2018?

Scientists searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence recently sent message to Lutyen’s Star - Sue Bramall suggests seven ways in which you can make sure your communications strategy is ‘out of this world’ in 2018.

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06Feb '17

A website for sore eyes (first published in Managing for Success)

If you're looking to relaunch your firm's website, or develop a site for a new firm, you need to know the common pitfalls to avoid, to give you the best chance of success. Sue Bramall and Peter Wright offer some real-life cautionary tales.

  • Internet search results
  • Law firm websites

28Oct '15

Should your law firm buy a .law domain name? Do not believe the hype

Last week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) made the ‘.law’ domain name available to buy. Law firms and legal marketers may be ready to pounce on the opportunity – but is it worth the money and effort?

  • Law firm websites
  • Internet search results

28Jul '15

Securing your site against fraudsters (first published on Law Society Gazette website)

Given the importance of the internet to businesses, including law firms, it is crucial to secure your website against fraudsters. Sue Bramall explains why managing your online presence will give you a better chance of spotting malicious attacks.

  • Law firm websites

11Feb '13

How responsive is your web site on a mobile device? (First published in Internet Newsletters for Lawyers March 13)

How many types of device might you view a website on during the course of your week?

  • Law firm websites

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