Sue Bramall attending Legal Futures Innovation Conference: From ABS to AI

Director Sue Bramall will be in attendance at the annual Legal Futures Innovation Conference on 17 November 2015, taking place at The Royal Bank of Scotland head office in London.

The annual event brings together people in the legal profession to examine current and future trends in the sector. This year there will be a focus on the role of alternative business structures, known as ABS, technology and other innovations in helping access to legal services and broaden the demand for legal advice. The topical issue of artificial intelligence and what it might mean for the law, will also be under the microscope.

Among the speakers is Andrew Arruda, ‘the world’s first AI lawyer’ and CEO of ROSS Intelligence. Kyla Moran, senior consultant at Watson Industry Leadership, and Viv Du-Feu, head of legal services at the British Medical Association, will also be sharing their wisdom.

Click here to find out more about the Legal Futures Innovation Conference.

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