Starting a law firm – outsource the marketing

In the current difficult economy, some solicitors find it is the practical alternative to finding employment.

In most cases an individual or a team of solicitors sees an opportunity to create a new legal business, delivering certain services in a particular way to a certain type of client.

Having a clear marketing plan is essential when it comes to achieving these goals and a key decision is how to resource the marketing.

Outsourcing the marketing means the partners in a law firm can focus on other management issues (HR, IT, facilities) as well as face-to-face business development.

Another benefit of outsourced marketing for new law firms is that it enables you to hit the ground running. This is particularly useful for a team that has come out of a large firm and is used to having a range of marketing and BD support.

If you are thinking of setting up a new law firm then we are always happy to have a discreet and confidential discussion.

We have also developed a special fixed-price branding package for any solicitor starting a new practice. Click here to request details

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