Is your website content letting you down?

Legal content will be required across many different parts of a law firm’s website.  By way of example, an employment lawyer will need pages which relate to: 

  • employment law services (for businesses and individuals)
  • team profiles, which link back to services:
  • sector specialisms, where there may be an employment issue specific to that sector
  • employment law news, recent cases and events  
  • employment law marketing resources.  

In a highly competitive service area, such as employment law, then your website will be hungry for a great deal of high quality legal content if it is to perform well with search engines.

Many law firms struggle to create a steady flow of high quality legal content for a number of reasons: 

lawyers simply do not have much time for such non chargeable activities, due to the pressure of client commitments; 

scarce business development time is better spent on face-to-face marketing activities;

writing for the internet requires a different style of writing, particularly if you are also trying to optimise certain key words for search results;

some lawyers can be hesitant about blowing their own trumpet – but a modest approach can mean important information is left out. 

If your legal website is not appearing near the top of internet searches for key services, then you probably need to enhance its legal content. 

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