Print versus digital - deciding the format for your law firm's client newsletters

The first consideration is the profile of your client base. You need to have an express opt-in from private individuals to receive your e-news, so you need to have a mechanism to collect this permission from your private clients. Without permission, your only option is to send a traditional newsletter by post (assuming you do not intend to ignore them in the face of increasing competition).

Certain client groups would simply prefer to receive some high quality reading matter to peruse at their leisure.

A printed newsletter has a much longer life-span. It may be kept for a while and passed on, whilst the attention to an e-shot is fleeting and quickly passes as the inbox fills up with other items.

A number of firms that we know have successfully used vouchers which can be clipped and passed on too.

The overall visual impact with hard copy is much stronger, particularly as people receive less high quality material by post now. As one client feedback form said, “it is nice to get something free from my solicitor.”

So, it appears that the printed client newsletter for law firms is still playing a valuable role in keeping client relationships warm. When you consider the lifetime value of your clients, it is worth keeping them close.

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