Newsletters for law firms – make or buy?

Many clients still prefer a printed legal newsletter from their professional advisers. Spending a few pounds each year on a client demonstrates commitment and care, whilst showcasing your full range of services.

The apparent advantages of producing your own newsletter in-house include maintaining control, and the ability to ensure a unique & bespoke end product.

In terms of outsourcing a solicitors’ legal newsletter production, there are three options:

  • commission a bespoke newsletter from a marketing or PR agency (the most expensive);
  • buy into a standard product, which may be cheap but will not be unique to your firm (least expensive); or
  • work with a specialist legal newsletter provider, such as Berners Marketing, where you can combine a bespoke design and your own firm news with high quality legal content from our panel of authors.

 The Berners option provides the best value solution, as it enables you to keep fee-earner time to a minimum, whilst producing a tailored end product.

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