Newsletters for law firms live longer than email.

It is important to recognise that both printed and electronic materials play a vital role in your marketing mix.

Printed client newsletters have the “feel factor”. You can touch and hold them and read them at your leisure. If they look good they tend to be kept, at least for a while, and may be referred to at a later time. They provide a strong visual reminder to the recipient. Particularly for private clients, they represent something “free” from their solicitors.

With printed materials you can include vouchers to clip out, competitions to complete and return. Electronic communications are more fleeting, and may only gain the attention of the reader for just a few seconds. They work best on the basis of ‘little and often’ although there is a fine line between sufficiently frequently and spam!

E-newsletters work well in generating enquiries, where you may then need to send out some printed matter to re-enforce you brand identity and service offering.

The danger in relying on the recipient printing your email is that it can simply vanish into a pile of papers. Also your brand is at the mercy of their colour printer.

For information about newsletters for law firms, hard copy or electronic, contact us on 01782 791 047.

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