Newsletters for law firms - don't take your clients for granted

Maybe the last legal advice that you gave them was several years ago when they moved house, got divorced or made their will. If this is the case you cannot take it for granted that they still consider you as their family lawyer, particularly if they have not heard from you since. A newsletter from your law firm is the easiest way to make sure that you are the first solicitors that they come to when their next legal need arises.

One aspect of marketing legal services that the consumer brands, such as the Co-op and Saga, will excel at will be the management of their membership database. They will have accurate information on each of their members, and will understand the lifetime value of each member to their business.

They realise that in order to maintain awareness and build loyalty, you cannot ignore your current clients and need to keep in touch regularly. Sending out a newsletter for your law firm will also remind them of the full range of legal services which you provide. It is an opportunity to cross-sell additional services.

A newsletter is also an ideal way to showcase your commitment to the local community through good causes. This will help to emphasis your local heritage and the personal values of your team. It is an easy way to differentiate your law firm from big corporates.

Don’t take your clients for granted, as you never know who else might be targeting them with their marketing strategy.

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