Medic Malawi orphanage adopted for 2010

The orphanage was built in 2007 with funds raised by the school children of Wrekin College with capacity for 36 orphans. It now provides a home and care for 52 children who have lost their families through poverty and disease, including AIDS.

The challenge now is to provide daily care and nourishment for the children whose diet comprises of mainly maize porridge which is grown and milled locally. However the maize harvest is vulnerable to drought and shortages often arise.

medic malawiAt present the first meal of the day is in the early afternoon when they return from school. It is difficult to study with an empty stomach, so our aim is to raise money to provide breakfast of maize porridge for the children each day.

Sponsoring some breakfasts costs just:

  • £5 to feed 12 children
  • £10 to feed 25 children
  • £20 to provide breakfast for the orphanage for a day

 If you would like to help, you can do so in a number of ways:

Medic Malawi is registered charity number 1088126

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