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However, family law is all about personal relationships. Every family dispute is a unique and sensitive situation and its outcome has a potentially lifelong impact. Consequently reputation and trust are still valued, and effective marketing can help you raise your profile as the “go-to” family lawyer in your market of choice.

Making sure that you have a clear definition of your target market is a good starting point. Whether you wish to target business owners, footballers’ wives or silver splitters will have an impact on where you need to position your marketing. Whilst you can advise everyone, it makes sense to take a targeted approach with your marketing budget for maximum impact.

It is important to build awareness of your brand long before a client needs to walk through your door. Here are five key areas to check how well you are doing:

  • Website – give your website a health check to make sure that all the services your provide are clearly identified and easy to find. Review your staff profiles to ensure that they are up to date and link back to the specific relevant service pages. These links will help to optimise your rankings. Avoid legalistic jargon and keep it updated with fresh SEO friendly content that demonstrates the expertise of your solicitors.
  • Social media – use Hootsuite to post your blogs and weblinks on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook efficiently. It is free for up to five social media accounts and using the correct links, can increase traffic on your website and boost your profile amongst new demographics.
  • Review your marketing materials and advertisements – anything that bears your name on it should be of the highest quality. Boring design, poor print quality and amateur photographs can damage your reputation. Engage a good designer to make sure that you stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Content is King - poorly written articles that are too legalistic are unlikely to attract Google or journalists. Invest in some content that is written specifically for the media and the internet.
  • Valuing relationships – maintaining your reputation depends largely on the quality of the experience you offer and your relationship with key introducers. Keep them informed with developments at your practice via a newsletter or e-newsletter. This ensures that you will come to mind when they need a lawyer.

 Anjali Moss is content manager at Berners Marketing, providing marketing and business development support exclusively for the legal profession.

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