Podcast: Law firm marketing to clients during the coronavirus pandemic

In a podcast for The Law Society Law Management Section, Fariha Butt of Saracens Solicitors interviewed Sue Bramall on the subject of client communications and how to manage your law firm marketing to achieve your objectives during the pandemic.

Commissioned as part of the ongoing advice, support and resources published to help law firms through Covid-19 lockdown and beyond, click here or on the image below to listen.


In the podcast, Fariha and Sue, discuss the following questions and how lawyers need to respond:

  • How and when should you communicate with your existing clients?
  • What should it look like during a time of crisis, like now?
  • Are there any clients you should avoid and why?
  • Is it best to email, telephone?
  • Who in the firm should do this?
  • For smaller firms who may not have a dedicated and skilled marketing person and limited time and budget, who should do their marketing and how?
  • Should law firms be using social media to engage with and stay in touch with existing clients?
  • If so, which platforms work best?
  • What should you ask your clients or speak to them about?
  • How can you cross sell to clients without making it obvious?
  • How early should junior lawyers be involved in marketing?
  • What systems for knowing your client can firms put in place?
  • What does a good ‘client first’ strategy look like?

Click here to read and listen to 'Loose connections? How to keep in touch with clients' on The Law Society website.

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