Good legal content is essential for solicitor's websites

That means more than just a bullet point in a list of several other services.

Google's algorithms were changed last year to improve the quality for the search findings, with increased emphasis on the content of articles - rather than the "under the bonnet" activities such as meta-tags.

Lets take "inheritance disputes". Does it need its own page on your website to explain about different types of disputes and how you can help? Do the profiles of the team members showcase their relevant experience - and have a link to the page on inheritance disputes?

How many news items mention this service? Are there any external websites which might be interested in an article and could link back to your site.

Why not take a moment to mystery shop the service that you have in mind - simply enter the term in Google and see where you come in the rankings.

If you are not appearing on the first page, it is time to set about improving the legal content and articles on your website.

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