Email newsletters for solicitors – a gentle reminder

If they own a business, their priorities will range from hitting sales targets, through managing production quality and motivating their team. At home, life may be full of family commitments, leisure interests and chores that keep us all busy.

So without an urgent requirement for action, most people are not thinking about which solicitor they would use, in the same way they think about what car or piece of equipment they would like to buy, when finances allow.

It is easy to put off reviewing the partnership agreement or making a power of attorney.

When a need does arise, triggered by a change in circumstances, unless a potential client has a relationship with, and feels connected to your law firm or a particular solicitor in your team, then why will they call you?

If they have not heard from you since their last transaction several years ago, then you cannot take it for granted that they will call you first.

They may well have been courted enthusiastically by one of your competitors. Or they may simply choose to find a solicitor via Google.

So sending your legal clients a regular newsletter from time to time is an ideal way to remind them that you care. Whether your solicitors’ newsletter is printed or you prefer an email newsletter, it may just provide the gentle nudge that they need to prompt them to pick up the phone and call you.

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