Dickens or Hemingway? What style is your legal copywriting?

Who do you write like? Do you try and emulate an author that you admire when drafting legal content for your law firm’s website or newsletters? Are you aiming for a distinctive and original voice in your legal copywriting?

Just for fun - if you are curious about your writing style, you might like to copy and paste a couple of paragraphs into the website: I Write Like (iwl.me) and see who your writing is compared to.

Managing director, Sue Bramall’s came out as like that of Canadian-British activist blogger, journalist and science fiction author Cory Efram Doctorow.

Content and digital marketing executive Carrie Hodgkins’ came out as David Foster Wallace, an American author of novels, short stories and essays.

Click here to test a sample of your writing and find out which famous writer your writing style most closely resembles.

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