Covering broccoli with cheese sauce - why do lawyers need to be bribed or threatened to embrace CRM?

After legal expertise, client relationships are surely a lawyers most valuable asset – and yet managing that information is often given scant attention. 


A report from Legal IT Insider on the latest developments in the CRM provision for law firms ponders the problem of why it is so hard to get lawyers to contribute their data and adopt a CRM system in the same way that they reliably input information into other software for time recording, as well as case, matter and document management.

The report Legal IT Intelligence – CRM Report May 2019 outlines the recent improvements available, including cloud-based solutions, integration with other legal software and the use of software which scrapes email addresses or monitors contact frequency.

Thanks to Daryll Cross of Intapp for the tasty headline which came from his comment that:

'CRM ... was always seen as useful but optional.  People with nothing to lose would do it, but not those that had something to do.  Lawyers had to either be bribed or threatened, just like getting children to eat broccoli by covering it in cheese sauce.'

Click here to obtain a copy of Legal IT Intelligence – CRM Report May 2019.

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