A week in the life of a marketing director


Start off with a quick planning meeting and spend the morning editing the “Director’s Guide to Divorce”. A multi-million pound divorce is currently going through the courts and our client is preparing to launch the guide when the judgement is announced as there will be plenty of media interest.  Later, attend a team rehearsal for a firm that has been shortlisted for a major public sector tender to ensure that the key selling messages come across well.


People often ask me if it is boring working with the law, but you never know what is going to come across your desk each day – so there is plenty of variety.  Today is a great example of going from one end of the socio-economic spectrum to another!  In the morning I work on an article for people on income support benefits and how they can protect any compensation that they receive following a personal injury claim.  Then, in the afternoon, I have a conference call to a contact in New York about providing a legal speaker for an event in Geneva for ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) - defined as a person with net assets over $30 million.


We have a team of solicitors and barristers who write the technical articles for our client’s newsletters and web sites, and I need to edit and sign off this month’s articles and commission the subjects for next month.  We have had an enquiry for some bespoke content for a new web site, so I liaise with the authors and put together some cost proposals.  After lunch, I shut myself away to work on our own monthly e-newsletter.


I meet with our mystery shopping consultant to plan a new competitor analysis campaign for a client.  It is great fun specifying the type of mystery shoppers that we want – especially as we need a couple of criminals.  I’m intrigued to see who they will put forward!  We send our email newsletter out just before lunch.  We are nearing the final stages of a new web site for a firm that specialises in defence manufacturing disputes, so spend some time finding appropriate photography of tanks and missiles.  We have had several enquiries from the e-newsletter, so stay late drafting responses.


I come in early to check the statistical response to the emailer – I love the instant feedback that you get from these, compared to traditional direct mail. Rush to a meeting with a company that provides machines that send out messages to BlueTooth phones in a specific geographic area.  All this mobile technology is fascinating (although makes me feel old) and I can see that a few of our clients might be interested in this.  Rush back to office as need to finalise a poster for our adopted charity, Medic Malawi (www.medicmalawi.org).  Looking forward to that chilled wine in the fridge!

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