A day in the life: providing legal marketing content to law firms

Managing director Sue Bramall recently featured in the magazine March 8, where she shared a typical working day.

March8 is a community of women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals that offers practical career, financial and lifestyle resources to help women propel their career.

In the article, Sue explains how she started out in legal marketing and how she came to specialise in expert legal content. She reflects on the challenges that crop up during her work days, as well as some of the highlights:

‘I love getting my head around something new, and I really enjoy the challenge of taking a technical concept and conveying it in plain English… I have worked on things as diverse as cryptocurrency and NFTs in a divorce, green hydrogen energy and battery storage, some apps for MedTech, and issues relating to self-build/custom-build homes. There is never a dull day!'

Sue also highlights the benefits of investing in the development of bespoke software to enable the tracking of commissioning, drafting, editing, proofing, approvals, sign-off and distribution of legal content for knowledge management and marketing.

'We developed IDAHO as a bespoke workflow software system in 2017, after the spreadsheets we were using became too wide to be practical and I was losing sleep about how we could manage growth.'

Click here to read the full article.

For more information on our content library services, please call Sue Bramall on 01785 859 995 or email sue.bramall@bernersmarketing.com to find out how we can help.

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