6 top tips for marketing your law firm

Looking ahead to the New Year, what are the five things that you should have at the top of your agenda?

  1. Do you need to go mobile? Hopefully you are monitoring your Google Analytics each month to see what percentage of views of your law firm website are on a mobile device. If that figure is over 20 per cent, it is time to start thinking about upgrading to a responsive website for tablets and smartphones.
  2. Have service levels slipped? The economy is picking up and firms are getting busier at last. You may be understandably reluctant to increase staffing levels in case the upturn is short-lived. However, it is important to monitor service levels regularly, carry out mystery shopping and invest in training where weaknesses are identified.
  3. Defend your clients and contacts from the consumer brands, which have big law firm marketing budgets to spend and aggressive expansion plans. Safeguard your client contact information and show clients you care with a regular newsletter from your law firm.
  4. Work on your pricing proposition within your marketing strategy, especially where clients are demanding fixed prices. This is not about reducing price , but be clear about where you add value and invest in some sales training for anyone who handles enquiries.
  5. Content is king. And with the internet firmly established as the second most important source of new business (often referrals) make sure that your legal content is attractive to Google. If you are not sure how, then request a free copy of The Art of Great Legal Content.
  6. Do something different – marketing is about differentiation, not following the crowd. The legal market is an exciting place at the moment, with new innovations occurring regularly and plenty of opportunities for lawyers who can fulfil the needs of their clients.

 Happy New Year!

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