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Outsourced marketing

The principle behind outsourcing any aspect of your business is that it is not always practical or cost-effective for an organisation to do everything itself. By outsourcing non-core activities, such as support services, senior management can focus on the business of law more effectively and profitably. Marketing is one such non-core activity for many law firms.

We have created a brochure which outlines how several firms have benefited from outsourcing their marketing to our team.

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Great legal content

With more new clients coming to solicitors via the internet, content plays a vital role in establishing your credentials in a particular area of legal expertise. Yet with limited resources for business development, is writing articles the best use of your time?

This brochure outlines our legal content services including:

  • marketing expertise;
  • legal content library and resources;
  • bespoke content and editing services;
  • success stories;
  • design and delivery of content;
  • lawyer profiles;
  • clients testimonials; and
  • how your team will benefit.

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Legal content library

Each month we publish a mix of fresh, topical and evergreen content across a range of legal practice areas that could be delivered straight to your inbox ready for you to use.

Subscribing to the Legal Content Library will enable you to ensure a regular output of high-quality, relevant legal content targeted to your specific marketing requirements. It will help you to: 

  • showcase your expertise; 
  • raise your profile; 
  • ensure your website performs well in internet search results; and 
  • increase your visibility on social media.

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Lawyer success stories

Case studies and success stories are undoubtedly the most effective way for lawyers to demonstrate their expertise and their ability to help clients in real life situations.

They explain how the lawyer’s advice and support benefited the client and added value in a way that clients find easy to understand and relate to.

Whatever the size of your law firm, if your lawyers are doing great work, you will have success stories and case studies to share.

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Online profiles for lawyers

Your lawyers’ profiles are possibly the most important pages on your website.

They are certainly among the most viewed pages. Even a new client who is referred by a trusted associate will usually pay a visit to a lawyer’s profile page before giving them a call.

They need to convey your depth of expertise in a way that your ideal client will understand and, to have the greatest reach, they need to be optimised for internet search to ensure you can be found with ease online.

To really shine a light on your expertise, it is important that your profiles are well written and kept up to date, with examples of your work and a glimpse of what you are like to work with.

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Ghost-writing and editing for lawyers

Showcasing your legal expertise via your website, regular legal updates and other written materials is one of the most effective ways to promote your services, but is something many firms and lawyers struggle to find the time to do.

Even those with in-house marketing support can find it difficult to cope, and only the largest law firms benefit from professional support lawyers.

Writing content to influence search engine results requires yet another skill.

Berners Marketing is unique in employing two in-house solicitors to manage our legal content services, supported by a panel of experienced solicitors, barristers, legal journalists, copywriters, marketing professionals and social media experts.

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Mystery Shopping Legal Services

In recent years, mystery shopping has been used by enlightened professional service firms to monitor standards of client service. With the quality of customer service a key battleground for differentiation in the delivery of legal services, mystery shopping can play a vital tool in driving up service excellence.

This guide for managing partners, answers your questions on mystery shopping of legal services and covers:

  • mystery client enquiries – the business case;
  • planning a mystery client enquiry campaign;
  • syndicate mystery shopping;
  • reporting information; and
  • frequently asked questions.

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Employment Law Facts & Figures 2019

Keep your name in front of key clients with our handy 'Employment Facts & Figures 2019' cards. Written by qualified and experienced employment lawyers, they provide a helpful reference guide for your clients, contacts and prospects.

Not only can they be fully branded to your firm, they are available printed and as electronic versions in PDF or HTML format.

See template options & download an order form

Request samples of the employment facts and figures cards

Art of Great Legal Content

Writing for the internet, media or client communications requires a whole different technique than drafting exemplary legal advice notes and contracts.

This handy free book provides an essential guide to producing high quality legal articles for your website, newsletter, press releases, blogs and social media. It is full of practical advice from our team of legal authors,
all experienced solicitors and barristers, and our editors.

Topics include:

  • what do we mean by great content?
  • pitching your topic;
  • know your audience;
  • relax, develop your own style; and
  • using plain English.

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White Paper - Cross selling private client services: not for the faint hearted

While law firm partners recognise that a firm-wide focus on winning new work from existing clients will improve the return on investment in marketing, client retention, revenues and profit, there seems to be a disconnect between theory and action. Many firms have tried to encourage more cross selling through a variety of ‘initiatives’ which have not worked.

Our latest white paper, ‘Cross selling private client services: not for the faint hearted’, explains the importance of cross selling and how a systematic approach across a number of departments in a law firm is required for it to be effective.

The article, first published in PS Magazine, takes you step by step through building an effective cross selling approach, from leading cultural change from the top by establishing a firm set of foundations, to understanding the client journey and identifying cross selling trigger points.

Click here to download the white paper.

Law Firm Marketing Style Guide

Using a style guide is key to creating content that is consistent and professional for your law firm.

Based upon the style guides of The Telegraph, The Economist, the BBC, and incorporating best practice from the Plain English Campaign, this guide is developed specifically for the legal profession.

Updated each year to include new words and phrases, our style guide also addresses common issues when writing about legal topics. For writers in the legal profession it serves as an essential reference guide to ensure client-friendly content for all your marketing activities.

Request a copy.

Startup branding package

Give your new law firm the best possible start with our complete branding package.

We have developed a fixed price branding service to help you create a corporate identity professionally and efficiently. From logo design, to business cards and templates, our friendly and efficient team will work with you on every detail.

Download details of our branding package for law firms start ups.

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