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Website content management for solicitors and law firms

A law firm’s website is an invaluable tool. Now only does it show off your services, your expertise and experience globally, but it is a vital mode of communication between you and your clients.

That is why it is so important to keep all your information current. By keeping your website in tip top shape you are creating the right impression for your business. Better information for your website visitors means greater potential for new client enquiries.

But for busy solicitors, maintaining a website can be a challenge. Every day different cases are reported, new legislation is passed, seminars and lectures announced...the list goes on. Do you have the time and resources to keep your website consistently current?

Berners Marketing provides the solution with our website management service. We take the responsibility off of your hands by renewing your legal content regularly and keeping the website up to date.

We do this by:

  • conducting a complete review of your site to assess where content can be improved and managed more effectively;
  • creating and uploading news content for your website, including news releases, firm news, newsletters and more;
  • adding firm documents to your website such as forms and presentations – for public or private viewing according to your preferences;
  • keeping your site optimised for internet search engines, with regular reviews and fresh content;
  • ensuring your solicitor profiles are detailed and kept current;
  • diarising periodic reviews and updating all key sectors relating to services and sectors;
  • coordinating with your social media communications plan; and
  • identifying opportunities for added value developments such as news features and online services.

Simply put, outsourcing your law firm’s website management duties will save you time and free up your team to focus on face-to-face business development activities - and, you will see it pay dividends in the productivity of your website.

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