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Wills and probate matters covered in our new legal articles

15th May, 2019

This month we haveve come up with some exciting articles to help your private client solicitors promote their legal services. They cover a whole host of topics and issues which may arise for your clients. Make sure they get the right advice!

Choose from the following topics:

What happens to your digital assets on your death?

  • defining digital assets;
  • the potential financial value of online assets;
  • why this needs to be addressed in your will; and
  • things you can do with digital assets after death.

Trustee’s duty to provide information to beneficiaries

  • an outline of the role of the trustee;
  • the importance of keeping beneficiaries informed;
  • acting on information requests from beneficiaries; and
  • possible penalties when information is not provided.

Choosing professional attorneys for your LPA

  • the skills a lasting power of attorney needs;
  • making your wishes known;
  • downsides of appointing a close friend or relative; and
  • factors to consider when making the decision.

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