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Case study: Legal client success stories

4th May, 2016

The managing partner of a small independent law firm with a team of six fee-earners recognised that it was vitally important to keep their website up to date with high quality relevant content, if it was to perform well in internet search results.

However, the small team was always busy and had little time for marketing, particularly writing articles.  In addition, some of the team were conscious that their usual style of writing was not always in plain English and they were concerned that they did not know how to write in a way that maximised performance when it came to ranking highly in an internet search.

It was agreed that a rota would be established, and each month one fee earner would brief us about two success stories that they had acted on in the last six months.  Everyone agreed that this was a practical and achievable way of spreading the workload internally.

Our authors at Berners Marketing then support the fee-earners by drafting an article, which includes hyperlinks and relevant keywords, and returning this to the fee-earner for approval.

We also draft ‘blurb’ to allow them to share the story on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we provide a few tweets for them to share on Twitter.

We have been doing this for a number of years now, and the law firm reports consistently good feedback from its website as a result.

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