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JUL '17

Strategic legal content? Or just a space filler? (first published in LawTalk, the newsletter of the NZ Law Society)

Producing regular legal content to is essential to keeping your firm’s website current and in the limelight. However, is your content serving a purpose, or is it just there to fill space?

JUL '17

Content from Berners Marketing catapults law firm to top of Google search

A lovely testimonial from Debbie Connolly, Marketing Manager at Bradbury Roberts & Raby.

JUL '17

2017 NatWest Legal Benchmarking Report encourages firms to increase BusDev resources

The latest Natwest and Robert Mowbray benchmarking survey is in and it reports significant revenue growth over the past two years, but comes with some warnings as well.

JUN '17

Crunch time: Artificial intelligence and objective analysis

The 2016 Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report found that clients find it difficult to “make informed choices because there is very little transparency about price, service and quality”.

JUN '17

Psst - How much is your marketing budget?

Knowing which opportunities to investigate and which to ignore can be difficult if your firm does not have a detailed budget to accompany your marketing plan.

MAY '17

Berners Marketing join the London Legal Walk

The team from Berners Marketing will be putting down our pens, dusting off our trainers and preparing to join the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers taking part in the London Legal Walk on 22 May 2017.

APR '17

HP legal team flex procurement muscles for diversity (First published on the Law Society Gazette website)

In this article, first published on the Law Society Gazette website, Sue Bramall explores the new standards for diversity in HP’s legal team and what this might mean for the diversity of legal service providers in the UK.

MAR '17

Thomson Reuters urge firms to adapt in latest ‘State of the legal market’ report

Thomson Reuter’s latest ‘Report on the State of the Legal Market’ highlights the importance of adaptability. With rapid development of the legal market over the past decade, this is hardly surprising.

FEB '17

Berners Marketing’s legal content leads to law firm website success

Berners Marketing have provided Ware & Kay Solicitors with legal content for their law firm website since 2011.

FEB '17

UK Government Green Paper - Building our industrial strategy

Alongside the international wheeling and dealing inside and outside of Europe, the UK government is also working on domestic matters.

FEB '17

Site for sore eyes (First published in Managing for Success)

If you're looking to relaunch your firm's website, or develop a site for a new firm, you need to know the common pitfalls to avoid, to give you the best chance of success. Sue Bramall and Peter Wright offer some real-life cautionary tales.

JAN '17

Employment Law Facts & Figures 2017 - Electronic options

We offer two electronic options for law firms to put the employment facts and figures onto their websites, or to send out via email – including a free thumbnail image of the front cover.

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