Law firm marketing tips - Prioritise your follow up calls

Most solicitors have very little time available for marketing their legal practice once clients have been serviced, billing done and reading up on the latest legislation has been accomplished.

Therefore it is vitally important to prioritise how you spend that scarce time to best effect to market your law firm.

In most situations, you are most likely to get specific new business opportunities from a face-to-face meeting – so your top priorities should be:

  • Securing meetings
  • Preparing for forthcoming meetings
  • Following up recent meetings.

 In order to secure these meetings, you will probably need to make a phone call so make this your next priority. Don’t be tempted to send an email which may be easily ignored.

Set yourself realistic and achievable targets. For example, could you make at least three phone calls each week and aim to set up at least two meetings each month with a new prospect?

Making time for phone calls to keep in touch with clients, contacts and intermediaries is so valuable. If you don’t know what is going on in their business or life, how will you be able to spot when they might need legal advice?

If you have arranged to speak at a seminar or conference or write a legal article for a journal or the law firm’s website – your natural tendency might be to start off researching or drafting this. Try to delegate this where possible.

If there is no alternative, then research and writing can be done in the evening or early morning, but phone calls will nearly all need to be done during the working day. This is why it is important to make sure you set aside time for this.

All that effort that goes into a speaking engagement or attending a networking event could be a waste of time if you are not prepared to make the time for the follow up calls and meetings after the event.

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