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APR '18

Great Legal Content #1 - Abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms

Elon Musk described the excessive use of acronyms as ‘a significant impediment to communication’. Sue Bramall recaps the differences between an abbreviation, acronym and initialism.

FEB '18

Learning from failure: even unsuccessful legal innovations have payoffs (first published in The Law Society Gazette)

The legal profession has seen more than a few failures in recent years. Sue Bramall looks at ways in which law firms can learn to embrace failure as an opportunity to grow your business

JAN '18

Out of this world: how far reaching is your communications strategy for 2018?

Scientists searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence recently sent message to Lutyen’s Star - Sue Bramall suggests seven ways in which you can make sure your communications strategy is ‘out of this world’ in 2018.

NOV '17

Book Review - Leading Professionals: Power, Politics and Prima Donnas, by Laura Empson (First published in the Law Society Gazette)

In her most recent book review, Sue Bramall looks at Laura Empson’s ‘Leading Professionals: Power, Politics and Prima Donnas’.

OCT '17

Implications of AI for Professional Services Marketing (First published in PM, Professional Marketing Magazine)

Professionals and techies love acronyms, and the one that has been everywhere this year is AI, standing for artificial intelligence.

JUL '17

Strategic legal content? Or just a space filler? (First Published in LawTalk, the newsletter of the New Zealand Law Society)

Producing regular legal content to is essential to keeping your firm’s website current and in the limelight. However, is your content serving a purpose, or is it just there to fill space?


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